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Budget Policy & Coordination Unit

The Budget Policy and Coordination Unit is one of the four (4) units of the Budget Division within the Department of Budget and Development Planning. Its main objective is to collect and analyze data to be used in providing technical support to ministries and agencies of all sectors of government as well as coordinate activities relating to the formulation, execution and reporting of the budget, and public information purposes. 

A key task of this unit will be to strengthen the Ministry’s relationship with other spending entities.
Roles and Functions
The ultimate responsibilities of the Budget Policy and Coordination Unit are as follow:
i. Coordinate the formulation of the budget and issue guidelines to all stakeholders
ii. Develop framework for the review and prioritization of expenditure
iii. Set criteria for sector resource allocation
iv. Oversee the alignment of the budget to the macro-economic framework for the approval of the Budget Management Committee
v. Disseminate budget information to the public

The unit is headed by a Director and consists of 2 (two) sections: (1) Strategy and forecasting (2) Budget development and dissemination. These sections are headed by 2 (two) Assistant Directors, working along with a team of analysts and technicians.

o Reports (MYR, BPR including transfers, IYR, PBS, CGNB, EBS, EYR, DMR, RPR, BFP, ABC, BCC, BPN, etc.)


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