Department of Budget and Development Planning

The Department of Budget and Development Planning is responsible for preparing, framing and implementing the annual budget, as well as undertaking fiscal consolidation, monitoring the budgetary position and engaging with the Legislative Budget Office (LBO) for legislative approval of the Budget.

The Department also assists with preparing development plans and providing guidance to all government agencies for preparing development programs and projects, as well as implementation and monitoring.

The Department is also responsible to advise on the allocation of resources to line ministries and agencies for the implementation of development programs and projects. It has oversight for monitoring and evaluating government’s overall development agenda and liaising with Ministries and Agencies (M&As) as well as donor partners to maximize adherence to development plans. Working with sector agencies, the Department is also responsible to appraise and approve all public investment proposals of the line ministries. In short, the Department is effectively the voice of development within government.