Aid Coordination & Management

All aid related programs are centrally administered within the Aid Coordination and Management Unit of the MFDP, unlike in the past where coordination activities were separately executed by the defunct Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs.

Within the new framework, aid coordination is a core business area as the entity seeks to draw stronger alignment with its development agenda and the agenda of aid agencies. It seeks further to support a much more efficient use of resources and effective implementation of the budget.

The Aid Management Unit core mandate is to lead the implementation of the agenda on Aid alignment and harmonization as per Domestic and International Aid Instruments, such as the National Aid Policy of Liberia and the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

The Unit coordinates aid related functions between the Government of Liberia and development partners. In accordance with the Public Financial Management Act of 2009, and pursuant to the principles of the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA), and Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, the central theme of the Aid Coordination and Management Unit is to identify best practices in Aid Management and Coordination, establish effective policies and procedures for the management of donor funding, increase the coherence of aid negotiation, mobilization, and coordination framework necessary for an effective aid flow.

The Unit maintains a full database of aid flows and produces reports on statistical records of aid flows data, including progressively inputting off-budget aid flows into the budget. The Unit also defines the roles of various actors in the Aid relationship and defines the principles of donor funding, coordination, alignment of donor resources to the Liberia Strategy Development Agenda. In order to effect its operation the following policy and strategy documents are being finalized for adoption:

Liberia Aid Policy – (required approval by cabinet)
AMP Data Management Plan (already in action; endorsed by donors and GoL technicians).

The current legal framework under which the Unit operates is the PFM Act of 2009.

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